Happy children are healthy children, and our mission at The Playground Gym is to provide kids with an environment that nurtures physical, mental and emotional development. Kids are built to play, and skills learned from physical activity combined with social interaction are the foundation of a healthy life. For many parents, it’s easy to forget the energy and curiosity that we took for granted as children. Of course, we all want to give our kids the time and opportunity to play, explore, and grow outside of school, but busy schedules can easily get in the way. Life can get in the way, and that’s what we’re here for. The time your child spends at the gym is an integral element of their young life. It’s equally as important as time spent in the classroom learning reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Besides the usual benefits of increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain and respiratory system, keeping young kids active actually promotes development of their neurological system, increasing memory, perceptive skills, attention span and behavior. Television and videogames are a quick fix for any busy parent, sometimes even a necessary tool we use to distract the kids so dinner can get made. There’s nothing wrong with this, but children need a balance of time spent in front of the television with active time spent using their bodies and brains.

The earlier we instill healthy habits in our kids, the better the chances these habits will become second nature. Ultimately, children learn by example, and the best gift a parent can give their child is an introduction to the joy of physical activity. Establishing a healthy lifestyle for your kids early on is the key they need to grow into healthy adults.

We’re lucky to live in a city surrounded by natural beauty. Portland is a great place to raise a family, the programs and progressive values available here making it a really special place. Even so, taking advantage of all this can be difficult for many parents who juggle busy work lives with the responsibilities of raising a family.

The Playground Gym is a local business, and our core values reflect everything we love about the Portland community. We started the gym with the intention of building a little niche in this city especially for the kids who are growing up here.

The Playground Gym is not a chain. Choosing a place for your children to spend active time away from home is a big decision, and we believe that the programs we offer are unique not only to Portland, but also to the many children’s gyms out there already. For us, coaching your children is less a business venture than it is a passion. Our owners, educators, and athletes care deeply about the growth of our clients. We’ve chosen to pursue this project because we know our personal health and happiness as adults is a direct result of having plenty of opportunity to play when we were kids. While most popular children’s gyms have their daily classes literally prescribed by a corporate office far away from the actual facility, our curriculum is developed locally. Our classes are endorsed by pediatric health and development professionals, flexible to the needs of our members, and most importantly, tailored to fit the specific needs of your child.

The skills and strength your child gains from something as simple as rigorous and directed play are priceless. The curriculum offered at The Playground Gym isn’t simply about play, however. It’s an integrated approach to fostering your child’s physical health and imaginative growth. Our programs are multifaceted in the sense that they address so much more than just a child’s physical health. Most importantly, the curriculum at our gym is fun.

Give your child the opportunity to grow in an environment that is especially designed for their happiness and health. There’s plenty of research out there that supports this notion, but all of that aside, we believe in what we do because play isn’t something to be taken lightly.

It’s everything.