parkour CAMPS 2019



The first and only Parkour camp in Portland, we set the standard for fundamental Parkour and Free Running development. As a physical discipline Parkour focuses on efficient, expressive movement through ones environment, with an emphasis on overcoming obstacles in creative and fun ways.

Parkour Camp at the Playground Gym will safely introduce campers to proper techniques, focusing on essential fundamentals to ensure safety and longevity while fluidly adapting ones movements to the environment. As always, our emphasis is on top notch coaching to develop proper Parkour Skills, including jumping, vaulting, climbing, balancing, quadrupedal movements, sprinting and looking beyond traditional use of objects. Our Freerunning section adds in basic acrobatics such as wall flips and spins, with a constant focus on safety, learning one’s boundaries, and self improvement.

Every camp day consists of a warm-up/stretching, physical conditioning, and skill training. Once some proficiency in skills have been shown, campers will take their new skills outside to test them in the environment they were intended to be.

Camp will be tailored to our campers abilities and focus on developing self expression, innovation, creativity, strength and efficiency. And since this is The Playground Gym, we will help them grow stronger through intense noncompetitive play, while encouraging positive collaboration, respect for all people and places and, of course, having more fun!



Full Days, Full week: $265
Half Days, Full Week: $180
Individual Full Day: $65
Individual Half Day: $45
Aftercare individual day $25


  • Skills building focus

  • Open Play times

  • Group games and activities

  • Field Trips

  • Art & Crafts projects

  • Snack and Lunch breaks


FULL DAY: 9:00AM – 3:30PM
HALF DAY: 9:00AM – NOON; or 12:30PM – 3:30PM
AFTER CARE: 3:30PM – 6:30PM


parkour Camp ne grand ave.


parkour camp N. Lombard ave.

The Playground Gym is happy to refund camp tuition (less a $25 processing fee) if a cancellation is made with at least two weeks notice. We are unable to refund tuition if cancellations are made within 2 weeks of the camp start time.

Reserve your spot today by registering online, calling or emailing the gym.