AGES  1 YEAR – 3 1/2 YEARS


Our youngest kids grow by leaps and bounds

The Playground Gym's adult-and-child class offers a dynamic environment that provides physical challenges, sensory stimulation, and body awareness like no other. Our award winning, 8-week curriculum is designed to give toddlers a broad foundation of essential motor skills and promote development of a full range of locomotor, stability and manipulative skills. Kids who start out active tend to remain active as they age, perform better in school and mature into happier kids. Its never too early to jump start their development and provide a solid foundation for them during their critical first years!

During Explorers participants will develop new skills on our gymnastics equipment, play physical mini-games, problem solve, engage in early socialization and cognitive exercises, and take steps to reach their important developmental milestones. Our unique approach of directed play will engage your child, but this class does require parents (nannies, grandparents, etc.) to be involved and hands-on with their child. Together you’ll work on developing motor, cognitive and social skills while having the time of their life. With your guidance, your child will gain new skills, meet new challenges, explore their world and push boundaries with confidence and curiosity.