Circus Arts


Tightrope, stilts, clowning, trapeze, magic, hooping, plate spinning, taming wild beasts... Circus performances have captivated the imaginations of generations of kids. The Playground Gym believes that these activities don’t have to live in your child’s imagination alone. We offer a unique camp experience that allows kids to explore circus, performing and visual arts in a controlled, safe, noncompetitive and super fun atmosphere.

The circus arts’ blend of dexterous, unique and empowering skills simultaneously challenge the body and mind unlike other activities. Strength, flexibility, self-esteem, hand-eye coordination, body awareness, right/left brain integration, balance, reflex improvement, and gross and fine motor coordination are among the many benefits of these activities that carry directly into other sports–and life. The variety of skills also means that everyone will find something they love and succeed, so campers don’t juggle a sense of accomplishment.


Playing under the Big Top always translates to big smiles and the circus arts have become more and more popular as an activity for kids. There have been many imitators that have popped up lately, but none can match the excitement of The Playground Gym. We've been offering Circus classes and camps for nearly a decade and our coaches are professional performers, instructors and in the arts. We ensure the highest level of instruction and safety to help guide our kids to the discovery and understanding of circus arts, aerial artistry and themselves. The Playground Gym believes that there is no other place in the Northwest that children can participate in activities like these at such a high level of instruction. You can be confident that this will be a week that you and your child will not forget!

Plan to attend the big show on the final afternoon while campers show off their newfound skills! 


Circus camp: ne grand ave.


Circus Camp: North lombard ave.