About us


The Playground Gym’s curriculum is like no other. We've built programs that give kids a broad toolkit of essential sport skills, fitness and coordination that allow them to participate and succeed in the gym and out. Building a broader foundation of athleticism leads to confidence and future success, whether they choose to pursue competitive athletics or simply to play and move for fun. While we focus on athleticism and skills development, our secondary aim is to help kids interact with others, recognize and solve problems, develop better life habits, challenge themselves, and, ultimately, discover what they are capable of.



NE Grand AVE.

505 NE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97232

N Lombard st.

5215 N Lombard St #3, Portland, OR 97203



The physical, social, and psychological benefits of play are self-evident. More than that, all the science confirms what we at the Playground Gym already know: play is good! We believe that every child should develop a love for physical activity that can lead to a healthy and confident life. We want creative, playful activity to become not just something they do, but a lifestyle.

In todays world, the opportunities for meaningful and consistent physical activities are being eroded. We are champions of a combating sedentary lifestyles! Give your kid a jumpstart here--because life takes strength. 



What does the gym do? How do I get involved? Where do I park? What are your hours? How come you are just so awesome? Find your answers here.